War update

Clan War XIV Division 10 Day 2
Defenders of Bunny vs Phoenix

Discipline Parade:

Kyra marched her battered Oggun “The Lady” , trailed by Limper’s Dread, and Bonegnasher’s Nifthel bleeding coolant and shedding sparks. The battle with Clan Phoenix had put her up against Neves7 in the morning had been a hard loss.

Then Ten Who Were Taken did not believe in loss. They believed in suffering, but not suffering defeat. Raids were undertaken, a series of lightning strikes across the gateways. Resources were gathered, experience gained. Stronger, harder, sharper they returned.

They were attacked! Neves7 looked to repeat the earlier victory, and failed. The Ten Who Were Taken were cold, disciplined, murderous. Under the lash of the Lady, they shocked Neves7 confident crew of Phoenix with a curshing defeat. Very much a last mech standing affair, any sane group would take the win, and leave it even. They were not sane. They were the Ten Who Were Taken, they lived only to serve the iron will of Lady Kyra. Her will was victory.

Following as soon as their mechs were rearmed. Lady lead them against their foes again, and again. After two attacks, they returned, smoking and sparking, dripping coolant, with shattered armour, and sizzling weapons. How had they fared?

“Park your mechs. Stop any bleeding , report to the posts. There will be a discipline parade”

Lady Kyra’s voice was hard, cold, with undercurrents of disturbing hunger. The waiting techs all looked at themselves and went pale. Knockers McGuinty (known for some peculiar tastes of her own) went
“Hot damn!. I have to watch this”

One of the logistics staff who had been dropping off replacement computer modules looked at the pilots lining up at the wooden posts, and putting their hands in the rope loops, their backs turned towards the dark shape of the Lady Kyra stalking towards them.

“Knockers, what’s going on?”

She whispered back “It’s a discipline parade. Because of how they did on the last two attacks, she is taking a whip to their ass”

The tech gasped “Just for losing”

“Frack no! This is what they get when they win”

John T Mainer 28840 Defenders of Bunny.

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Vengeance is best served with Bacon.

Inevitable Vengeance vs The Omegas Clan War XIV Division Day 2

General Roman Himmelhan looked at the intel report, and laughed. It had worked. Two months of work to isolate the sources of supply, and another month to secure the proper routings so that his forces would be able to take and hold the one key supply the Omega’s did not defend.

Repair resources, command, control and communications systems were guarded heavily, but the food stores were only lightly guarded. All mechs had their own emergency rations, so objective raids had no real point. All food was tested by automated systems so, tampering was not even possible. What no one thought of is that Victory, like Vengeance, is created in the mind.

Turning to his staff he shouted “Stock the Rook, get the Ammonites loaded, and fire up the Krampus. We are going head hunting.”

Nobody in their right mind went up against Whitney Averill of the Omegas by choice. He was a bacon powered killing machine…..unless?

Roman laughed. “The raid worked, WE HAVE HIS BACON!”

The clash between the chieftains was an unequal contest. As much as the Omega Clan was more powerful than Inevitable Vengeance, Roman’s Household guard was one of the strongest formations in known space, and without their usual bacon fueled carnivorous fury the Omega troops were less than their best. It was not enough.

Rocky looked down at his shattered Buchis, and thought the techs really had their work cut out. Since he had time to kill, and he was starving after having no pre-battle bacon, he was following his nose towards a Vengeance Inferno that was quietly cooking off. Damned but that smelled good. Walking over to the wreckage he used his combat knife from his boot to pull out a package sizzling from the cockpit of the burning enemy mech.

Holding the sweet smelling sizzling package on the end of his knife, he saw the unmistakable Omega horseshoe shape on the bacon. The enemy wasn’t just carrying some bacon, they were carrying OUR missing bacon. Whitney was going to blow a niode!

Whitney was going over the damage reports with the chief techs, prioritizing the repairs. Although this battle was lost, he was confident his army would know victory. It was just hard to summon the old fire today. His implant started pinging at him, he was getting a delta call, an emergency strategic intel alert, from about sixty meters away where a Vengeance Inferno was finishing its ugly death throes. What the frell could be so important about that?

“Chief, they took our bacon. That’s why we had nothing this morning.”

Whitney started to laugh. He took the package and laid it piece by piece on the burning mech. His pilots and he flipped it with their knives, and ate it off the points. Chewing happily, Whitney felt restored, refreshed, and a burning desire for……Inevitable Vengeance.

“Saddle up you clowns. Roman made a mistake and reminded us of something. He is right, Vengeance is Inevitable. He forgot something though; vengeance is not best served cold, it is best serve with BACON”

John T Mainer
28840 Defenders of Bunny

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Sons of Thunder

Sons of Thunder

General the Lord Phillip Powers (40) of Clan Phoenix, attacking Lt Bolverk Borson (26), Defenders of Bunny
Clan War XIV Division 10 Day 2

“We can`t hold them, it’s the Lord Phoenix himself. His Krampus and Freons are cutting right through us. Littlefoot exploded, we don`t know if Eric punched out or not. The flank is turned. Jottun`s Bane has to hold, or Phoenix will punch through to the techs!`

Bolverk turned to his troops. Knocking pulling the cork out of a bottle of mead he poured it into the horn, and took sumble with his troops, perhaps for the last time.

“Hail Odin, Victory Father, Feeder of Ravens. This day we take oath that every drop of our blood will be shed before Clan Phoenix will take one step beyond our line. Let the gates of Valhalla swing open, for there are no cowards here, there are none among us who would live, knowing we gave less than everything in defense of our techs, our dependants, and our bunnies`

Drinking deep he passed the horn to each of the warriors in turn. Man and woman they took the horn and spoke strong oaths and drank deep until the horn passed to Magni and Modi Thorson; the sons of Thor, the Sons of Thunder. As they took the horn, the sky split with the crack of lightning, and thunder louder than a Rail Cannon split the sky. The forked bolt struck the Ogguns of the Sons of Thunder, graving the thorn rune in their chest plates.

All eye turned to them. The signs were clear. All would depend on the Sons of Thunder. Raising the horn they drank deep, and stated simply

`They shall not pass“

Fenris exploded, leaving Magni and Modi`s Ogguns alone against a Krampus and Twin Freons. With the booming strains of the Varangian Guard playing in their speakers, the Sons of Thor began killing.

Magni`s cockpit rang from the Krampus`s Rail Cannon. He laughed. If they would try Thunder against him, he would feed them Lightning. His phaser array blazed out like Thor`s own lighning, and blew Beelzebub 2 back to hell. Roaring his mad laughter, he pressed forward through the burning wreckage to again wield the lightning of his phasers cutting the Freon Old Nick 2 in two. Modi was not to be outdone, and hammered the Freon Hob with two quick blows, finally opening its engine with a full three second burn of his Calamity. That’s what happens when you talk to the hand. Baal, Kharna, and Hades all fell before the Sons of Thunder, as the Muspelhelms Inferno, Helheim`s Freons, and Hel`s own hounds Krampus were no match for the Sons of Thor.

The once proud ranks of the Lord of Phoenix pulled down the Magni and Modi Thorson, and gave their wreckage a Viking pyre of flame, as their fear spawned shots poured into the shattered mechs. Skadi and Egil, the last rank of Bolverks battered Jottun`s Bane, easily shattered the battered and broken remnants of the Lord of Phoenix own household troops.

Standing over the wreckage of the burning Ogguns, Skadi raised her double Sleet to the sky and tore the clouds with the white scream of icy fury in salute.

`Hail Thorsons; they did not pass`

John T Mainer 28840
Defenders of Bunny

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The Rear Rank Rules

The first rank has your heroes lad
The first rank has the gear
Niodes and the tonnage both
Not like it is back here

The second rank has sluggers
The fastest self repair
A balanced mix of weapons boy
Not like it is back here

Rear rank holds the grey beards
Rear rank holds the newbs
Rear rank only toes the line
When they got us by the pubes

When the fighting’s easy
The front rank rules the day
When the fighting’s bloody
It’s the second all the way

When our side is getting beat
When all hope is lost
Then its rear rank to the fore
Then our heart you see

Lighter in the tonnage
With weapons that are crap
New kit that’s not half tricked out
And stuff best sold for scrap

You won’t find a niode on us boy
Nor a lick of hope or fear
Nothing but a ton of balls
From the rank that’s in the rear

Old fools that don’t know when to quit
Young punks to green to know
When the rear rank steps up to the line
Its balls that rule the show

Heroes of the front rank
They never hold a doubt
Grinders of the second
They know they have a chance

When both of them are burning
When both of them are scrap
It’s the rear rank newbs and oldsters
That are going to kick your ass!

John T Mainer 28840
Defenders of Bunny


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This message was brought to you by Bryan Haycock # 138789

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lore/short story

The sound of machines humming. The clank, clank, clank of gears being tuned, joints being greased, bearings being stress-tested. Technicians ran back and forth across the service bays as lead-mechanics barked orders at apprentices.
Corporal Cartwright stared positively at his lead mech and smiled as Lieutenant Abbadon leaned against an unused loading rack tapping his foot to his audio-com. “I think this will be a damned sight closer this time out”, the young Lieutenant muttered. Corporal Cartwright said nothing. He just nodded slowly and smiled inwardly to himself.
Across the hanger the shadowy figure of Major Ross sat in silence, surveying the hustle and bustle of his work force.
He knew things were different with regards to the workings of his clan. There had been rumors from the intel-scouts that the 1st K’s number one rival were starting to struggle against the 1st’s line up. Their top end gear had suffered a number of losses in the KotM testing fields, and reports of discord and uncertainty were rife.
The Major allowed himself a brief moment of expressionless joy beyond the sight of his men.
'Indeed', he thought privately, 'This would be a very different arena of conflict'. 
The music of industry continued as the 1st Kearny Highlanders drank into the night, and the eve of war hung like nuclear glory in the near distance.

Steve Ross #162076


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Lore/Pilot Profile

The Battle Cry of JN Harrell Sr.

Lost April 17th

When I first ran into Major Jeff Harrell Sr in the Cantina, I knew from his weathered appearance he had seen his fair share of war. He hid his pain well but a seer can tell all by just looking into your eyes, and I saw resignation. Don’t get me wrong, he had not given up, only accepted the inevitable. Working with harsh chemicals in the maintenance of mechas had taken it’s toll on his body, eating away at him from the inside.

Orders came in about a rebel group just outside of our scanner range, reports that were confirmed by three viable sources. A skilled pilot was needed to lead the group sent to end the conflict before it got out of hand. Jeff knew this was his mission and volunteered as soon as word went out. His abilities were well known and his piloting skills were respected by all. The safety and welfare of his children and family were always in the forefront of every decision he made. His sons would be his legacy, he would ensure he left a better world for them by any means necessary.

A satellite was spotted on the edges of the dark side of Jungle Moon Rizpah. Staying in the twilight afforded enough light to conserve energy while offering the cloak of darkness for those without a keen eye. With eight of the best friends and pilots he knew behind him, Major Harrell gave the order to engage. The element of surprise was on their side. The few pods that deployed were quickly targeted. One by one, Raging Vengeance rained down destruction on their opponents. Lasers fired and cannons roared. Ice blasts were able to slow down targets, precision kicked in and solid hits landed. Major Harrell could feel his inferno’s chassis strain as he pulled hard right, seeing someone circling back on Commander MK Mathews.

It seemed like a classic mission, without flaw, when the unexpected happened. A mecha came into range, returning from recon to see the fight ensuing. The new arrival got a hot shot off before being taken down by Commander Mathews. It’s target was Major Harrell, the damage had been done. With a single crit hit, Harrell found himself inside a crippled vessel, unable to stop the impending explosion. As fumes built up from the leakage, there was only one thing left to do, take down as many as he could with him. Their mission was to ensure the safety of this sector and he would see it to the end. He spotted the remaining pods in the satellite and headed straight for it. The damage from a few of those cores going off at the same time should do the trick, he’d take them all out. Just before impact, with his final breath, he pledged his life and loyalty to his family and friends. The whole sky was illuminated by the explosion, the flash seeming endless. Debris flew in all directions, a large part nearly taking out Captain van Fleet and Lt. Alexs as they shot by. ~cue epic explosion

The crew returned to base, success was theirs but the cost was priceless. A valued comrade and friend was lost but will never be forgotten. His sacrifice will be immortalized in songs, his victory over the rebel clan will be written about for decades, and his legacy lives on in his children. All who face them will have a ghost to deal with, it’s said the spirit of Harrell guards over those he cared for during his life. I’m just glad they’re on our side. Thank you for the strength you showed in life and in the face of death, well played my friend. We honor you and your legacy.

Viri, non morietur!


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War Footing

“Listen up kiddies, this is a war briefing. I know, I know, you are all vets, been through the gate a thousand times on a hundred worlds, but this is different. Look at Charles, look at Kyra, they aren’t smiling. That haunted look, there is a reason. We boast a lot about Clan War, we have won silver twice. We boast a lot about how we fought, and we ought to, we bloody earned it. Those that came back.”

“On missions, when you get in too deep, you can always punch back through the gate, and come back when you have more punch, because we didn’t teach you to fight from a losing position. When you were on the Clan raid and you hit something you couldn’t handle, you stepped back and I sent in somebody stronger, or took them myself. You were never alone, and we don’t throw our people to the wolves.”

“This is Clan War. This is different.”

“We boarded the dropships, and our techs are prepping our mecha for a hot drop, because we don’t know what is waiting for us at the LZ. There have been times we dropped against enemies that we took at the run, letting the fury of our charge carry us through them before they had a chance to prepare to defend themselves.”

The new pilots grinned, their eyes lighting up with hunger for victory, the vets smiled tolerantly.

“There have been times we stood toe to toe with our equals, where battle hung on the edge of a knife and chance alone, or sheer unwillingness to admit defeat carried the day. Days when glory belonged to the last mech in your last rank standing over the wreckage of their officers and friends, screaming their defiance as they slapped the engine shutdown overrides and blasted out with their last functional weapon.”

The newbies grinned wider, eyes lit with visions of glory, the vets mouths a hard cold line, remembering the cold sick feeling of despair, knowing all was lost, but fighting on.

The chieftain’s voice grew hard as iron, angry; fierce.

“There have been times when we were outclassed, where we had no chance at all, where our best was not, and could not ever be enough!”

The newbies mouths opened in denial, but the snarls of the vets silenced their cries.

“I have seen our best burned down, their best mechs shattered and smoking on the ground, watching their best weapons strike home perhaps one shot in five, and the damage healed before their weapons could even cycle again. I have watched entire ranks of elite pilots blown up without getting off a shot because their foes were that much better equipped”

“I have seen my best lose pilots, and sent in second and third waves that were not half as strong to get chewed up just so we had a chance to recover the survivors of a battle we could not win. This is Clan War, if our foes are stronger than us, there is no going back, there is no choice. We are here to fight. We come here to prove ourselves, if this means holding the field because we took it, or holding the field because our falling blood claims it, we will live or die advancing.”
To the last mech, to the last pilot. This is Clan War. You will be pulled from the wreckage of your burning mech, slapped into the cockpit of your back up, and cycled back to the line.”

“When I tell you to attack, attack. When I tell you to stop, stop. When I tell you to hold, it doesn’t matter if you get shot to doll rags, get your ass back in the cockpit of whatever we have left and march that scrap to the line and hold until relieved.”

“Welcome to Clan War. The gates to Valhalla swing open, the Valkyries ride, what we do this day will live forever. Against that, death is nothing.”

The fire is lit, Clan War burns.

John T Mainer
28840 Defenders of Bunny


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Interview with Drake

Welcome back to the telecast! Many have asked how i survived the Nemesis Elixer and i have to say thank you to the doctors on Vupa 6 and my hearty constitution. I also….What’s going on? Did we lose live feed? WHAT? WE ARE BEING HACKED? Who is behind it? If you are there, identify yourself!

Drake)-Oh hello mad moe glad of you to stop by Drakes lab.. oh sorry you’re at ANN guess the AI’s misunderstood my request… well never mind you will show this to your entire viewing audience so they know I will have the last laugh, when I rebuild my mechs..

Moe)-YOU! I thought you were defeated! What do you have planned Drake? You were thawrted once and everyone is onto you now. How do you expect to get away with your treachery a second time?

Drake)-Oh, something I discovered on accident while working on Sgt Watkins of Highlanders and O’ Phil of Exiles.. one of my formulas has an interesting effect on memory… the possibilities… just need to weaponize it.

Moe)-So you intend on weaponizing a secret formula! You are wanted by many galactic athorities, Do you really think you can hide anywhere?

Drake)-Why yes. I have not seen any signs of galactic civilization even remotely close to where I reside and my benefactor has connections and resources to divert those persistent enough to keep hunting for me…so plenty of time to prepare.

Moe)-(Moe Slams his fists on the anchor desk) You listen to me! You owe me a new Dilophous and a new prosthetic leg due the the stomping i took being under your mind control AND a hefty medical bill to boot! BUT, call it my professional courtesy, what are your plans for now? We know you are not prepared for another war with all the clans.

Drake)-Well the Dilophous was bound to explode too many substandard parts used as replacements for the ones I borrowed. You are correct the fight against every clan did use up most of my current resources, I can repair the leg I’ll do it free of charge just go to the lab I gave you my nemesis formula… I’ll make you all better…plans so many……..MANY,many!

Moe)-I see, i think i will have workmans comp take care of the leg….been in your lab before, not interested in going back. I guess i will have to come take my pick of mechs from your stash, maybe your personal mech….but then again you probley have it rigged to blow if tampered with.

Drake)-too much resources in my original.. the ones my AI’s ran had to be massed produced so corners were cut much like the clone pilots themselves.


Drake)-Well Moe I do want to say that I was pleasantly surprised by the skills of the clans, and look forward to sampling them again… the bunnies were definitely the friendliest clan I met. Stephanie Robbins the most so. I keep her DNA sample next to my bed when I do sleep. But the competition was as enjoyable as when I faced Marius Darkmoor quite exhilarating. I did also manage to keep a few of my favorite clones around the lab.

Moe)-Yes, the clans of the galaxy are well traveled and very tough to be sure. Not very many push overs. Worst case scenario, im sure if the life of a curious scientist doesnt work out, there are great jobs on Novum as a honest scientist.

Drake)-honest? have you met those guys? they cheat at cards, fabricate reports, take credit for other peoples inventions. I was purely a tech scientist inventing things before I learned the nature of my “peers” had to switch to medical science much less competition… especially when you can test the new stuff on the ones that bother you.

Moe)-Point well made, never liked doctors all that much. Under-worked and over paid.

Drake)-yes agreed, Well Signing off where did I put my rail gun? oh here it is… points at monitor goes black as the explosive power is released.

Moe)-What happened? Did we lose him? Drake, are you still there….I think we lost him. Well floks, we appoligise for the interuption and we must now step aside for a commercial break. When we return, i sit down with Crystal farmer Herman Hutzer as he shows us how his new harvester works.

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TMS: Tales from the Mech Bay

It had been a hard fight. What was supposed to be a routine anti-piracy Op against some tech raiders harassing Novum Dolorum had turned bad, fast. Caitlyn had set off a real firefight, and may have uncovered the truth; that Tori, the head of research at Novum Dolorum Pyrotechic Institute was behind the pirates. At least, there was a whole lot of plasma being tossed around, and Inferno’s were the pirate command mechs in the last wave.

Bolverk staggered his Bar Wench into the bay; his Holmes was shot up, charred, and OK. She had circuits fried, one arm was missing, and the guass slug in the left knee made him stump like he had a full leg cast. He was better off than the mech he was leading. Viddar’s Jawbreaker was a mess. Bolverk was leading him, because the cockpit was putting out so much smoke Vidar couldn’t read his instruments even to walk it.

Bolverk stowed the Bar Wench in her accustomed cradle. As he did, Knocker’s McGuinty slapped a magnetic tag on its left leg [BRI] and the techs immediately began swarming around it. Knockers went to each mech in the bay and slapped a tag on it, each one causing greater or lesser activity, until she slapped [TMS] on Jawbreaker, causing the fire suppression team to turn around and walk away from the smoking Oggun.

One tech, a stooped Illyran veteran named Sergi popped his head into the cockpit, and pulled the coughing pilot out. In his hands he had two metal tridents, and as he pulled out the pilot he offered him one.

“TMS my friend, no puh-roblem! We fix! Here, have stick.”

Viddar took the metal trident, seemingly just a great big three pronged fork, like a BBQ fork, and wondered how this could be used to save his burning Oggun, veteran of many fights, but never before badly hurt.

“Do we use this to hit the fire suppression system?” Viddar asked as he looked through the billowing smoke at his cockpit, and failed to remember where the fire suppression button was located. He turned to look at the tech, only to find him extending a white bag to him, In the tech’s other hand, his trident was now adorned with three marshmallows, which the grinning tech stuck deep into the billowing smoke to roast.

This was too much, his beloved Jawbreaker was burning, and the tech was roasting marshmallows!


In response, Knockers, Bolverk, and three techs swarmed up the gantry to the smoking cockpit.

Instead of putting out the fire, each seemed to smell the smoke, nod, and take a handful of marshmallows from Sergi and extending various knives and tools, roast them in his smouldering cockpit.

Bolverk was munching happily on the first of Sergi’s marshmallows, and turned to Knockers and asked the buxom tech if she would explain to Viddar her mech triage system.

Knockers took a long breath of the smoke, and happily twirled her own marshmallows in the glowing cockpit. Taking a sidelong look at the pilot almost in tears over his beloved machine, she took pity on him.

“Look kid, your Oggun is a grade A machine, and you have done wonders bringing her along, tuning her up, but she has too much factory and not enough firefight in her systems. This bitch is TMS; Too Much Smoke.”

“They put all kinds of extra crap in there; filling every nook and cranny with plastic tie downs that don’t last, foam that just gets in the way, lubricant on wires, which is a stupid idea at the best of times, and factory grease on every frigging fitting like this was some sort of deep sea dive rig, not a piece of fighting hardware that is going to get lit on fire, flash frozen, shook to shite, stomped, and rocketed twice a day and three times on Wednesday.”

“Your circuits are grown crystal semiconductor, your nodes are niodes, your myomer pseudomuscles can be dipped in lava for cleaning, and your displays are synthetic diamond matrix. The only crap in there that burns is….well, crap. This bitch is a factory queen, filled with too much smoke. Once we let it out, she’ll be fine. Better than ever!”

As she passed him a marshmallow and he began to chew, he noticed the laughing techs were busy tearing down his cockpit, in about half the time they usually did. All the plastic stays, plastic trim and panels were gone; up in a wave of cleansing smoke. What was left they were tearing into with cheerful abandon, utterly unconcerned about smoke damage.

“What do the other letters stand for?” he said pointing to the Holmes, Bar Wench [BRI] that was almost done its teardown, and Vafthrudnir the Nifthel [TETD] that was being ignored.

“Well” said Knockers, licking her fingers clean “We do Bar Wench first because she is Broke Right In; everything stripped down for field use, broken in, and fully tested. If we get any reading other than dead on balls accurate, we rip the parts out. Any problem is the part not the mech.”

“We do Vafthrudnir last, because that pig is Too Evil To Die. It has killed three pilots, had two different engines blown right out of it, but just won’t die. When we do engine maintenance on it, we actually chain its arms and legs down so the silly thing doesn’t sit up in the middle of a reactor tear down. We put auto repair nanites in it a while back, and they honestly tried to escape out the ankle exhaust port.”

“Then there are the basically good machines that just have too much garrison priss in them, too much spit and polish, too much….”

“Smoke” Viddar said, finally nodding.
“Yup” said Knockers, giving him a friendly slap on the ass

“She’s grade A kit, they just put too much smoke in her when the built her”

That was life in this Mecha Galaxy.

Bolverk Borson 695995
Defenders of Bunny

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The Wild Hunt: Tales from the Rim

The Wild Hunt: Tales from the Rim

I got the call about a pirate raid. By the time you get the call, the pirates have usually been and gone, but if you send your troops through the gates to run a quick sweep of the nexux, sometimes you can catch the pirates making a dash between gates. I sent the Clan down most of the most likely routes, but I took the Rim for myself. Strange things happen out on the Rim, and since the Gorax plague, I wasn’t sending anyone else out that far.

I was last in the queue, so I was still inside the Clanhold when we got the update. The pirate raid failed. Security didn’t catch them; honestly the regulars couldn’t catch a cold if they were dipped in a virus vat. No, the reports were….odd. Something came out the gate at the same time as the pirates. Something that fried the scan. There was a lot of pirate chatter, mostly screams, some begging. The camera only caught the glimpse of what did the pirates,. It was a grainy shot, but it looked like, Red Ants, ash grey Red Ants.

We jumped to Spica, and the energy signature on the gate read a jump straight through to Nastrond, which is impossible. Nastrond is a death world. Forerunners wiped it out, they seeded it with Gigus and Skraig, to wipe out all trace of life, and all possibility of its return. Of course, if I pirate were to find an area the wild mecha avoided, it would make a bolt hole no one in their right mind would look in. Too bad I’m seldom in my right mind.

“Bunny command, I am taking the Black Company through the Nastrond Gate. Possible pirate jump trace.”

We jumped through into a vision of hell. The ground and jungle were torn up as with a running fight. There were Skraig parts everywhere. At first I thought it was another Gorax plague, but there were none of the orange mechs, or spiky skull parts in the debris field. There were pirate mechs, known machines shattered and broken. There were Red Ants everywhere.

The odd thing? Colour. I checked my sensors a dozen times for error, even switched the polarity of my view port to look out with my own eyes, and it showed the same thing. Grey. The jungle and mud were normal colour, the Skraig were as normal as those freak shows ever got, but the Red Ants and pirate mechs were the grey of ash, like someone burned them to powder, but left them intact. I did a deep scan, and found them cold, not flash frozen like a White Knight or Sleet Storm, but cooler than air temp, like a day old corpse. Every hair on my body rose, I had a strong urge to get out of there, and was working really hard not to think about old space stories, not now, not here.

“Walker, oh my gods, its Walker and the Hunt!” Frak, someone said it.

Walker: a ghost story. A space tale. A myth. Gods, at least that’s what you tell yourself when your safe in the city, not out on the Rim, not out where it happened.

Walker had been a Cogwork Commander, one of the founders of the Cogwork military. He founded their special forces, and he was one of the test pilots for the Holmes. He was a ledgend, and into ledgend he passed. There were rumours of signals through a jump gate, signals that carried Forerunner protocols. The signals were not coming through the gate interface, but through the gate mirror; as if there was a second channel through the jump gate. Everyone knew that the jump through the gate was directional, one end passed you through the next gate, to enter the backside was to disrupt the field, and release the energy in a blast. Yet this gate was probed, and the probe passed through the mirror side, continuing to signal. Walker took through his team. A custom blue Holmes Command mech, and a dozen Red Ants. They didn’t return.

A sixty years after his team were lost, Illyran forces hit Cogwork Port after a series of raids drew off most of the garrison forces. When the main force poured through the gates, hundreds of mechs against no more than thirty defenders, there was disturbance at the gate. A strange blue Holmes with only one eye led out a force of a dozen ash grey Red Ants. They tore into the Illyran forces, light mecha against heavy and tore them apart. The odd grey Red Ants died readily enough, but rose again. Those they struck slowed and fell, only to rise again as ash grey Red Ants. It was nightmare in ceremetal and fire. The strange blue Holmes with its one baleful eye watched the battle almost unmoving. Only when fired upon did it move. When it fired, the air screamed, and it killed with a single shot, never missing, never failing to kill. Never firing first. They left through the mirror side of the gate after the Illyran commander ordered his troops to flee.

There were dozens of sightings since, always someone knew someone who saw something, but no evidence. It was a myth. A ghost story. The Wild Hunt that rides the space between gates, trapped and howling in hyperspace, only to emerge to hunt their prey. A ghost army that punished the wicked, hunted the predators. It was BS.

Probably. Almost certainly.

“Yo, chief, go to Alpha 21, I’m getting a faint signal, distress bands, audio only.” Skadi’s Jottun had the best comm gear in the company, and she was relaying a signal.

“Mayday, mayday, this is Bella Tin Grey declaring an emergency. Mayday Mayday. This is Bella Tin Grey, I have accounts in every major system, get me out of here, and you will be rewarded”

I gave the commands to fan out, sensors on maximum. Bella was an old drinking buddy, and known pirate. She was a hell of a Krampus pilot, an amazing drinker, and one of Charles’s ex girlfriends. Bella was hard and cold as an Ice Shard round, what the hell could spook her?

Topping the rise we pushed into the ruined city. The signs of battle were hard to pick out as the city had been a Skraig and Gigus playground for so long, but IR traces picked up new autocannon strikes, the harsh burns of laser and plasma weapons, and neutrino signatures of reactor damaged mechs. When we rounded the last corner, we saw something that made my blood run cold.

It was Bella all right. Her bronze Krampus was torn open, one leg dragging in front of it, connected only by a few dangling wires. Two of its massive cannons were blow off the port side, and the starboard side was torn open, but at least one of its cannon still swivelled slowly and painfully towards us, like an old man struggling to hold up his arm. The mech itself was bleached of all colour. It huddled against the wreckage of the old city, as if its systems were too weak to hold its own weight. It was the colour of ash, like it had been burned.

“Bella, what the frack happened?”

Her voice came back over the comm system, it was shaking, and by the time she was done, so was I.

“It was Walker, it was the Wild Hunt and fracking Walker was leading them! We were on a raid, a quick little resource grab to snag a parts shipment we knew was in the port. It went’ wrong right from the start. When we came out the gate, it didn’t close, it went bone white and then they started coming out the mirror side, like they were coming out of hyperspace itself.

Red Ants, grey ones, came out of the gate and started shooting. We laughed, what could feather weights do to us? Then Remus died. They swarmed him. He raked them with his Black Rain, but they came out of the smoke with pale green beams blasting, and every place they hit went grey, one limb at a time they just failed. Three shots and he just collapsed. They swarmed him, and tore his mech apart, like they were tearing him out, only he stopped screaming, and started laughing. When the Red Ant’s stopped, another Red Ant tore right out of the engine compartment of Remus’s Dread, like it was being born.

We lost two before the abort signal, and we hit the gate at speed.

They were right behind us at the jump, this time the boss was ready, we were lined up and ready to fire. Cannons and missiles, we were going to unleash hell. Then He came. It was Walker. The grey ones came behind him and he just walked forward. There was a scar on one side, like one of the Holmes eyes was burned out, and his cannon was huge, almost like a spear. He raised it above us, and a bolt of lighnging screamed out of it, like a dozen Galaxy Eyes firing at once, right over our heads.

It was stupid, not one of us couldn’t have blown any Holmes ever built into scrap, but nobody moved until he fired. There was something about him.

Once he fired, the Red Ants charged. They died, we stacked them up! But they just kept coming, even the ones we killed got back up. The chief fired on Walker, his Sever cut loose with everything, and Walker just stepped forward and killed him. One shot.

We retreated back to the gate, anybody who was slow got swarmed,and got up another of those spooky grey Red Ants. It was the Hunt, and they came for us. Anyone who shot at Walker died. He never missed, he never missed once. Every shot a kill. He never fired first, and every shot killed. I ran.
We hit the gate, three of us left, and headed for the city. The Skraig were on us, but we knew how to kill them. The Hunt boiled through, and Walker with them. One Skraig hit them by accident and got torn apart, the rest ran; they just broke. They bought us enough time.

You know the legends of the Hunt, they take you, you are theirs forever. You out run them, and you life. You fight them, you die. So I ran.

When they came for us they came in shooting, and my guys fired back, but I didn’t. I got hit again and again, but I didn’t shoot back. I pushed Revenge backwards through the building we were in front of, and then fired into it, collapsing it on the Red Ants.

When the screaming stopped, I just waited. I shut down my systems, went totally dark until you came.”

We grabbed the Krampus, and dragged it back to the gate. Its grey limbs were too weak to hold its own weight. No weapon anyone had heard of would cause this. There are no such things as ghosts. No such things as Walker and the Wild Hunt.

Probably. Almost certainly.

But we are out of here right the frack NOW!

John T Mainer
28840 Defenders of Bunny

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Post CWs XIV Interview

I have Robert C. Goetz Sr #175626 of Death’s Collectors {AFF} with me this afternoon in a post CWs XIV interview. Thank you for joining me Robert.How pleased were you with your clans overall performance this last CWs?

Robert: Well we got gold…so very happy would be an understatement..we were close many times in the past…but this was Death’s Collectors {AFF} first Clan Wars gold

Deb: It doesn’t get much better than the first Gold win. Did you watch the other {AFF} division fights as well as keep tabs on your own?

Robert: yes, we did pretty much as we expected…fought for gold in 5 divisions…got 4…D8 turned out to be a tougher division then in the past.

Deb: How many clans are part of {AFF}, I believe I lost count after a dozen?

Robert: Well the number changes from time to time with the merging of clans and starting of new ones…but believe the number to be around 16 right now…not all are CW ready

Deb: Has it been problematic having clans face off in some divisions?

Robert: yes and no, sometimes we know we have to field them that way and know they will possibly face each other, example D4 this time we had 2 clans there Death’s Disciples {AFF} won gold, Death’s Dragoons {AFF} won silver…so we really needed to go with them both there.. Other divisions we have say a stronger clan and a newer or more develmental clan and can’t help but be in same divisions

Deb: Who moves in level or not could make a difference. Were you surprised by any battles this CWs?

Robert: yes….Both in D1 and D2, thought our guys in D1 would get bronze…but some weren’t availible to fight..so many points missed, and in D2 not everyone that could get points we faced even tried..so was surprised at that…I mean I guess if you know you can’t win…some nice close battles this CW even seen one battle in D4 go into overtime…know it is tough to extend the time…but think to be fair might need to make it longer then 12 hrs so everyone in both clans gets a chance to hit.

Deb: I appreciate the time you’ve taken with me today. Is there anything you’d like to add?

Robert: Just like to thank everyone for some good battles and be looking forward to seeing them across the battle fields next CW….and for the newer players…find a clan..listen to the leaders and level slowly…we need smarter pilots out there not just fast levelers.

Deb: This is Deborah Roaché-Hudak, thanks again for your time and I’ll look for you in the next CWs. Until then, I bid you safe travels and successful battles.

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Post Clan Wars 14 Interview

Welcome to the ANN winners circle. With me at this time is Michael Telladira. Good fighting out there! the 123rd Alpha Strikers took home the gold in Clan Wars 14. Did any of the other clans give you guys a challenge?

Michael)-Our toughest opponent was AC AD4! and yes they were a challenge! It seemed like no matter how many points we piled on they just kept coming! Also thanks Moe and you as well! Congrats on gold.

Moe)-Thanks Michael. so you think the gap is closing then in most other divisions? I watched all the match-ups and seems like all the once “Shoe-ins” had a much harder time taking home the gold. Your thoughts?

Michael)-I’d agree, also a lot of movement between divisions. Mostly in the upper divisions. It seems like those silver medal clans just keep growing and coming back stronger! BCDC has definitely done a great job allowing every clan to stand a chance.

Moe)-Indeed. The Brain Chef does seem to know how to set these competitons up, but smart players have to get some of that credit as well as they know not to over extend themselves and push up into a division where their chances decrease. A big Kudos them. I also understand there is some moving and shaking in the RND, care to comment on this Michael?

Michael)-Yea, as you know the KOTM exp is forcing many players to level prematurely, including us. We’re trying to strategically make a 4th branch at some point to help extend ourselves. However, I’m afraid we might need more players to do that, wanna volunteer Moe?

Moe)-Oh wow, Im flattered Michael but i must decline at the moment. I have other commitments elsewhere, but you never know, one day maybe but enough about me. This is your time. Go and enjoy that victory with your clan and thank you for your time.

Michael)-Thanks Moe as always its been a blast! 

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Post Clan War 14 interview

Hello Mecha Fans Pat Willis here once gain with another fellow brother from the Black Watch Clan Lonnie Slayton id# 229165. So Lonnie CW 14 has come and gone and The Watch took silver impressive as we were div 3 last war and div 2 this time out how do you feel the performance was overall of the Clan?

Lonnie- I think overall we did very well considering we were caught a little flatfooted by the change to div 2.

Pat- I can agree there, were there any favorite fights you had this time out either with other clans or even individual battles?

Lonnie- I’d say my favorite fight was the round 1 fight with Raging Vengeance. They are a good group and the fights are always very competitive.

Pat- Very true they are honorable opponents was glad to have faced them. Did you have any new gear this time out weapon or mecha wise that you were just giddy to unveil and use?

Lonnie- Yes I did I got to use my Dreadnaught for the first time this clan war and was very happy with how it performed. It held its own very well and outperformed some of my more established mechs.

Pat- Awesome! Do not own one myself but been blown up by em before..lol. After the current raid or maybe even now are there any mecha you are looking into purchasing?

Lonnie- After watching some Torrents in action that is one I will be looking into purchasing. They really dished out some punishment and look well worth getting.

Pat- People really seem to be going nuts over those got one myself but not ready to field it yet, looks solid as hell though. Alright last question, say two three clan wars down the line where do you see The Watch sitting in the pantheon of clans?

Lonnie- With the solid players we have in this clan I could see us winning gold in Div 2 within the next 2 or 3 clan wars if we continue improving at the pace we have been.

Pat- Like that line of thought a great deal! Alright that is all the questions I have thanks for taking the time to talk to me tonight and long live The Watch!

Lonnie- Thank you for the interview and long live the Watch!


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All reports here were written by players of Mecha Galaxy.
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